Darkness 2 the game

Wed, 02/11/2009 - 11:39

Darkness 2 the gameis a free flash games from mukha,acicon orig,swordflip. Enjoy playing this game in you web browser and if you like it share it to your friends!

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Keywords : that, will, click, there, shall, combine, understand, them, items, take, ghost, have, find, remain, however, cost, luck, alive, protect, good, avoid, around, inventory, into, this, care, haunting, investigation, survive, should, which, even, arrival, gives, easier, time, enough, anounces, directly, fortunately, life, rapidly, make, signal, certain, hide, appear, things, horrible, seems, happened, choice, what, must, hospital, everywhere, wake, description, game, dark, turn, blood, light, going, visit, comments, carefully, read, darkness, because, with, important, interactive, further, indications, rooms, collect, objects, more, together, second
Authors : mukha acicon orig swordflip 

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