On the Campaign Trail

Thu, 03/05/2009 - 06:21

On the Campaign Trailis a free flash games from BorgesLab. Enjoy playing this game in you web browser and if you like it share it to your friends!

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Keywords : their, when, politician, popularity, tour, lose, game, every, will, reputation, towers, slinging, zero, local, level, trail, tower, candidates, most, campaign, national, freelance, president, this, candidate, becomes, once, public, begin, gain, more, touring, whichever, second, popular, third, vice, sets, without, tricks, face, buildings, bribe, these, destroy, available, only, government, official, claim, property, domain, eminent, call, space, reducing, damage, caused, reduces, completes, helps, save, also, house, could, home, back, along, built, relations, potential, 2007, including, starting, presidential, prevent, those, were, tours, completing, from, primaries, must, mudslinger, smear, accuse, specialty, campaigner, political, scandalize, manipulate, best, exaggerate, insinuate, fabricate, country, besmirch, start, think, employers, points, complete, that, have, work, dirty, hire, integrity, does, however, throughout, money, cash, earn, passes, throw, give, reaches, person, cause, falls
Authors : BorgesLab 

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