13 Guardians

Wed, 03/04/2009 - 14:22

13 Guardiansis a free flash games from SugarFreeGames. Enjoy playing this game in you web browser and if you like it share it to your friends!

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Keywords : Adventure/RPG, combat, money, earn, each, moves, king, health, game, 8217, receive, that, with, most, depends, experience, magic, menu, skills, must, computers, will, slowly, work, click, lower, makes, playerand, optionsand, 8221, 8220, flash, quality, gameand, right, time, during, enemy, cause, whole, good, finished, long, lasts, damage, score, variable, points, amount, tips, discard, bonus, full, tile, nervous, pthere, tiles, opponent, himself, represent, various, both, stamina, require, guardians, defeat, tournament, death, participate, free, country, evil, rule, from, control, their, instructions, this, defense, thereand, need, some, them, repeat, increase, sword, improve, efficiency, levels, level, combats, armor, upgrade, spend, extra
Authors : SugarFreeGames 

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